• In 2016 our Tul Tour Taekwon-Do & Cultural programs will kick off for Summer. The first program will commence on August the 1st. This 12 day (Tul Tour 1- extended) program will cover all color belt and a few black belt patterns. Various cultural attractions and souvenirs will be available for the participants. Also leisure time will be arranged at prestigious summer destinations.

    We are very convinced that participants will not only experience great Taekwon-Do training and cultural enlightenment, but also will have a great relaxed holiday in the Homeland of Taekwon-Do.

    The locations will be all the historical places related to the 12 of 24 patterns of I.T.F. Taekwon-Do, Ch’ang Hun style: 

    Instructor’s team 
    The Tul Tour will be under the leadership of Mr. Harry van Schaik “Active and Involved” Chairman of the Dutch National Martial Arts Academy and a well-known organizer of many successful events. He was also the organizer of the Tul Tour Program in August 2013.
    His work can be seen at www.harryvanschaik.kisport.nl 

    *The “International Taekwon-Do Federation HQ Korea' is an administrative, service providing and event coordinating body, in the homeland of Taekwon-Do that aims to serve all worldwide ITF practitioners, supporters or sympathizers regardless of religion, race, national or ideological boundaries and organizational affiliations, www.itfofficial.org 

    Note: The organizer Master Zibby Kruk, 7th Degree is not affiliated to any of the ITF organizations and works together with the Ministry of Culture of South-Korea and has opened this tour for all who are interested in the background of ITF-Taekwon-Do made by General Choi Hong Hi. (see further information about this on the Facebookpage, https://www.facebook.com/?ref=hp#!/tultour?fref=ts 

    This tour is open to all our friends (non-practitioners, color-, black belts, Masters and Grand Masters) from over the world who wish to gain a unique experience traveling to the “homeland of Taekwon-Do” and visit the historical places related to the patterns as well as the creation of Taekwon-Do. Also parents and other supporters of Taekwon-Do who do not have any experience in Taekwon-Do training and who want to travel with us are more than welcome. 

    The program will be designed in a way that everybody will be able to enjoy the richness of Korean culture, history and cuisine even if they do not practice the Art. 

    Official program 
    The Tul Tour is open for all interested in this trip of a lifetime. Rank is not of any objection for taking part of this unique trip and will be interesting for all Korea/Taekwon-Do passionate no matter what background, affiliation or association they are from. 

    The program of the Tul Tour can be summarized as 
    -Visiting historical places of the Tul 
    -Presentations about the places, persons and event as well as ITF related matters 
    -Training at locations related to patterns 
    -Cultural experience (including the Korean cuisine), events and amusement parks 
    -Posing for pictures and videos during training and travel 
    -Taking a rank test in the homeland of Taekwon-Do 
    (only with permission of your instructor or with your instructor during the tour!) 

    Official program 
    Tul Tour 2016 – Pioneering Tul Tour 24 program – 

    PART I 12 days: -1 – 12 August 2016 

    Tul Tour costs Program costs $2,250 USD each. 

    Inland transport including a flight to Jeju island in one of the parts 
    Attraction parks 
    Korean traditional outfit Hanbok 
    Program T/Polo shirt 
    Back pack. 

    Flight to Korea Participant book their own flights and be assure you are in time for the opening ceremony! Assistance in booking can be requested with the organizer. 

    Discount Early birds get a discount of $50,- when booked before 1 February 2016 

    Payment The complete Tul Tour fee –except the flights to Korea- must be received on the account of: 

    Name Stichting DNMAA 
    Address Van Renesselaan 64 
    Zipp code 3771 JX 
    Place Barneveld 
    Country The Netherlands 
    Account NL55INGB0004604105 

    Payments are possible through Paypal and please get in contact with the organizer Harry van Schaik and he will assist you in this matter. 

    Please pay to the ITF Head Quarters Korea 

    Bank account details: 
    Beneficiary Customer Name International Taekwondo Federation 
    Bank name Korea Exchange Bank 
    Branch name Dunsan Branch 
    Bank Address 965, Dunsan 2-dong, Seo-gu, Daejeon 302-828, Korea 
    Swift Code KOEXKRSE 
    Account number 650-007673-479 

    8 months before will cost you 10% of the Tul Tour sum 
    6 months before 20% 
    5 months before 30% 
    4 months before 40% 

    if for some unforeseen reasons the cancelations takes place at any time before the commencement of the program the reimbursement will be estimated case by case basis 

    Travelling plans 
    Arrival: 1 August 2016. Arrival to the Inchon airport Korea. If arrived as a group then the organizers will welcome you at the airport and provide the transport to the hotel (hotel to be decided) where the welcome reception will be held. If not, then the directions how to get to the hotel will be provided. 

    *Note: Participants who wants to stay longer in the same hotel or arrive earlier can get discounted room price that depends on the type of room. Please contact the organizer on korea@itfmail.org for details. 

    Any participant who want to test for a higher rank (Kup/Dan) in the homeland of Taekwon-Do can apply. This unique opportunity is a memory of a lifetime and worth while to consider. The testing must be in accordance with the rules and regulation of your school, club, organization or National Association which your are affiliated to 

    Your own instructor can do the testing in South Korea as a member of the testing panel of give the authority to the testing committee of the Tul Tour, that will consists of the higher ranking Taekwon-Do members participating in the program. 

    The grading fee will be in accordance with the organization you are affiliated to and your organization and/or instructor will receive a testing fee portion as per your internal rules. The Tul Tour Program Organizers will provide the unique opportunity for testing in the Homeland of Taekwon-Do for those who wish to do so and will not ask any payment for it! The testing application forms must be submitted to the organizer minimum 3 months before testing commencement accompanied by a letter from your organization/instructor confirming the permission for testing. 

    The application for the program can be found on the website: www.tultour.org 

    Please fill in all the details and submit the application to ITF HQ Korea office. The application will be forwarded to the Tul Tour Program leader Mr. Harry van Schaik. 

    More information? 
    If you want to have more information about this unique trip please do not hesitate to contact the organizer Harry van Schaik “Active and Involved” at info@kisport.nl 

    Website Tul Tour 
    More information about Tul Tour Taekwon-Do Training & Cultural programs in Korea can be found on the websitewww.tultour.org and www.dnmaa.nl with pictures, videos, testimonials and any other support. 

    Yours sincerely, 

    Harry van Schaik “Active and Involved”