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    • Program costs are $2,280USD; for those participants who attended previously TT programs in Korea the price is $2,200USD.  
    • Payment structure: 1st installment $500 by 30-Aug 2017; 2nd Installment $500 by 30-Dec-2017; Final payment by 15-Jan-2018
    • Please fill out the attached registration form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

    Arrival in Korea
    We expect participants to arrive to Korea on the 15th March by about 3pm so we can start the welcome reception and dinner at approximately 6-7pm

    If this is not possible then some participants might arrive the day before etc. requiring some additional nights accommodation etc. and therefore incurring some additional fees. The program will start on the 15th and end on the 24th with the fee covering all activities and costs within this period. If participants  wish to arrive earlier or leave later thereby incurring additional fees we will do our best to assist in providing the least expensive options.

    If participants arrive at different times (at this stage we do not know how many and from which countries and which flights) then we will have somebody at the airport assisting with directions to the hotel where the welcome reception will be held; This could be in Seoul (depending on the time and how many groups arrive) or in Sejong City ITF HQ Center if participants arrive at a similar time. Please note that it takes approximately 1h.20 min from the airport to get to a hotel in Seoul and approximately 1h30 min to get from Incheon to Sejong city.

    For additional information mail to TAEKWONDO2@HOTMAIL.COM

    Download the registration form