• Inidividual Membership

  • Who can apply for our membership?

    Individual membership is available for anyone
    (practitioners, parents, guardians, supporters, family members etc.) interested in Taekwon-Do and who want to be a part of the International Taekwon-Do Federation Headquarters Korea.
  • What will you receive?

    Each member of ITF Headquarters Korea will receive a membership card valid for 3 years with their personal information on it. The membership renewal can easily be processed via our website.

    ITF Headquarters Korea is the principal authority of the Chang Hun Taekwon-Do movement recognized by, and closely working with the South Korean Government. By joining us, you will become one of our important members connected to the Homeland of Taekwon-Do. You will represent us and the Taekwon-Do movement in your country. Together, we will be able to bring this beautiful Art and its great values to everyday life and to every location throughout the world.

  • Front side of the membershp card

    ITF Hologram

    The high quality 3D tamper evident ITF HQ original security holographic seal is placed on the front side of the card and offers a high degree of confidence in the authenticity of the card.


    Printed on a high quality PCV flexible material made in South Korea that ensures the durability of your card.

  • Back side of the membership card

    Member Information

    The back side of the membership card will include your information such as: Membership number, Name, Expiration date and Nationality. This information will be used to verify your status when participating in our events, seminars or access the internal database system.

    Profile Picture

    You will be asked to provide a passport style profile picture that will be printed in your membership card and other related certificates. You can change the picture anytime by sending us a request to update it on the database.