• Dobok & Belt

  • Taekwon-Do Dobok

    Steeped in tradition and history

    The Taekwon-Do uniform is called a “Dobok” or “Tobak.” Like everything else in Taekwon-Do, it is steeped in tradition and history. The dobok consists of a jacket, trousers, and belt. It is derived from traditional Korean clothing called “hanbok.”

    The dobok is not only meant to be worn during Taekwon-do training, it is the required uniform for competition in regional and (inter)national tournaments. The reason why the color of Taekwon-do uniform is white is to symbolize the purity of the martial art. Students should keep their doboks clean, ironed, and in good condition. They should understand its historical significance and wear it with pride and proper respect and etiquette.

    The dobok is considered a primary necessity in both training and tournament for the following reasons:

    • The wearing of the do bok should instill pride in the student as a practicioner of Taekwon-Do
    • It identifies the degree of skill and cultural education in Taekwon-Do that the individual has attained.
    • The style of the do bok is symbolic of Taekwon-Do heritage and tradition.
    • Grade and degree changes indicated by belt color create incentive while simultaneously preserving humility.
    • The dobok is extremely practical and healthy.
    • The official dobok distinguishes orthodox Taekwon-Do from it imitators.

    When we wear a uniform, we accept a certain role in society and we are obliged to behave accordingly.

  • Taekwon-Do Belts


    The color of the belts used is by no means merely some random selection of colors to distinguish the different ranks. Each belt color has a meaning symbolizing advancement and increased awareness.

    The color belt system is not just a representation of rank advancement, it is also is an acknowledgement of individual personal growth. Such advancement signifies not only growth within the dojang (training hall), but that of positive character and growth outside of the dojang.

  • Rank system

    RankColorPositionYears before promotion
    10th kupWhite
    9th kupWhite with yellow tag
    8th kupYellow
    7th kupYellow with green tag
    6th kupGreen
    5th kupGreen with blue tag
    4th kupBlue
    3rd kupBlue with red tag
    2nd kupRed
    1st kupRed with black tag
    1st danBlack1.5 years
    2nd danBlackAssistant Instructortwo years
    3rd danBlackAssistant Instructorthree years
    4th danBlackInstructorfour years
    5th danBlackInstructorfive years
    6th danBlackInstructorsix years
    7th danBlackMaster Instructorseven years
    8th danBlackMaster Instructoreight years
    9th danBlackGrand Master