• Color belt certificate

  • Represents the level of progress for students of Taekwon-Do

    Easy to use
    School owners can easily print the certificates by themself with our instruction tool kits

    Unique design identified with our logo from the Headquarters Korea

    All certificates are printed in the homeland of Taekwon-Do

    High Quality
    Highest quality traditional material with ITF security stamp seal in each certificate

    Globally Recognized
    With consistency in design of our ITF certificates they are recognized and used by our members around the globe

    The costs and fees of color belt certificates for our members are minimal and therefore, very affordable

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  • Certificate template

    Group leaders from Taekwon-Do dojangs & schools that belong to our organization are authorized to use the color belt certificate template for their students on the color belt certificates purchased from ITF HQ Korea. The template will be made and send from South Korea, the homeland of Taekwon-Do.
    Make sure you have a valid membership from ITF HQ Korea, and send us application. The minimum application requirement is 500 certificates.

    For school owners

    Many School owners may consider the use of ITF HQ color belt certificates that will link the color belt students with the homeland of Taekwon-Do. Additionally, the professional design, very affordable price make it also attractive.

    Make sure you have a valid membership from ITF HQ Korea, and send us application – see below.

    How to use the color belt templates

    The certificates are accompanied by the template that allows the group leaders modify certificate contents and personalize them with the name of the students, their own numbering systems and signatures.