• Certified Master Class

  • A sanctioned training session conducted by
 an ITF master

    We certify all members who participate and successfully complete the master class


    Our certification program is based strictly on ITF rules, is conducted by qualified. Therefore, provides the advanced recognition and enhances your knowledge and experience as a student or instructor


    Recognition provided through adherence to the international rules and regulations that validate the standard globally. 


    ITF’s certification program is designed to ensure that all certificate holders have demonstrated their competence through fair and valid measures. 


    Our certified member will take the advantage of a unique opportunity to blend practical Taekwon-Do skills with theory that clarifies the skills.

  • Application requirements

  • For examiners

    Certificated Taekwon-Do masters who are members of ITF Headquarters Korea are allowed to organize Master Classes as our sanction event. 
The length of the course varies from one to many days and need to be approved first by us. In order to join a Master Class course, please fill in the application from with all the necessary detail. For more information about the requirement please follow the link below.

  • For Practitioners

    If you want to participate in the Master Class organized by ITF Headquarters Korea, please search in our event calendar here. If there is no current course in your country, you can contact us here and you will be notified when there is an available course.

    All participants will receive a CERTIFICATE of completion when concluding the course.

    For more information, please lick on the link below.