• Black belt certificate

  • Globally recognized
    Recognition provided through adherence to strict international rules and regulations that validate the standard globally.

    Certification is affordable for the entire global community and includes concessions for the economically disadvantaged countries. Thus reflects ITF HQ Korea’s commitment to providing high quality reasonably priced services.

    Fair system
    Certification is provided using a merit system that removes bias or favoritism.

    Valid and reliable
    ITF’s certification program is designed to ensure that all certificate holders have demonstrated their competence through fair and valid measures.

    A mix of theory and practice
    Our certified member will take the advantage of a unique opportunity to blend practical Taekwon-Do skills, theoretical understanding and historical and cultural experience.

    Build credibility
    Our certification programs are based on credentials and other reliable qualities that characterize the International Taekwon-Do Federation. By being certified by the ITF you will receive advanced recognition that will enhance your credibility as an instructor.

    Apply now

  • We offer black belt (degree) certificates to those of our members who are eligible for grading and/or complete courses offered by ITF HQ Korea. The eligibility criteria for degree testing are based on the compulsory time period required for training between the respective degrees. We also offer a certificate recognition scheme or degree bridging programs for ITF HQ Korea members derived from different ITF organizations or other Martial Art styles. The ITF HQ Korea degree certification program is divided into 3 main categories that have different procedures for application or recognition: Members from ITF HQ Korea, Members from Other ITF organizations, Members of other martial arts  (not taekwon-do).

    For applicants
    The degree awarding process is based on the “Criteria for grade and degree” as described in the Gen. Choi Hong Hi’s Encyclopaedia of Taekwon-Do. The criteria are based on the total number of hours and days required for the student to obtain first degree black belt, and years for the further black belt degrees.

    • The candidates must be registered members of ITF HQ Korea
    • Must have fulfilled all eligibility criteria for testing: time requirements, course completion and organizational permission.
    • Eligible for time reduction between tests as per rules and regulations
    • Must submit online degree application form and provide all necessary additional documents if required.


  • Black belt certification card

    Every member who passes a Degree test or his/her rank becomes successfully recognized will receive a black belt certification card with his/her own personal information

  • Black belt set

    The black belt set you receive consists of the following content (a certificate, membership cards, pins etc.) in a postage tube that has been designed utilizing the latest technology from Korea. The tube is made of a number of layers of papers that are strong enough to protect the content of the postage. The tube is decorated with the logos and insignia of ITF HQ Korea. It has the word “Taekwon-Do” written in Korean and Chinese characters. The gold color of the characters provides an excellent contrast to the black background. The postage tube has a special area designated for the EMS postage docket that does not cover the attractive design of the Black Belt set.